Conjunctions (Joining Words) (Underline the Conjunctions) - Worksheet 1

Conjunctions (Joining Words)

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Underline the Conjunctions in the following sentences.

•     Do you like coffee or tea?

•     Is the lady tall or short?

•     She cannot drink juice because it is too cold.

•     We sang and danced.

•     Dia worked hard but failed.

•     She is old and weak.

•     The bird made a nest and laid an egg.

•     She speaks English and Hindi.

•     I like him because he is very sincere.

•     Tia and Ria did not fight.

•     The girl is thin but her sister is fat.

•     He is an intelligent boy but does not work hard.

•     Jiya sat down and smiled.

•     I love ice cream but he loves cake.

•     Do you like playing football or badminton?

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