The Two Parts of a Sentence: Naming and Telling Part

Read more about ‘Naming and Telling Part’ Naming and Telling Part Worksheet 1 (pdf file)

Underline the naming part in each sentence.

•     The rabbit is on the log.

•     The children play games.

•     Jack and Jill went up the hill.

•     Boy jumped over the fence.

•     Tia is going to Patna.

•     Ria and Dia watched a movie.

•     Ravi is painting a picture.

•     The dog ran away.

•     A bicycle has two wheels.

•     Ashok is lazy.

•     Earth revolves around the sun.

•     An umbrella is a useful thing.

•     The dog ran after the cat.

•     Bread is made of flour.

•     The postman brings us letters.

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